When is the automatic transmission and DSG to flush and how much are the costs?

The complete renewal of the transmission oil can significantly extend the service life of your transmission. However, you should have your automatic transmission or automated DSG cleaned with a gear rinsing. This is the only way to guarantee that the new gear oil does not mix with old deposits in the residual oil, which degrades oil quality. With classic, simple change, only about half of the gear oil can be renewed. The price for a flushing is higher, but is relativized in view of the costs which arise in a possible transmission damage.

Why is a gear rinsing important?

The transmission oil undergoes an aging process, which will eventually lose its lubricity over time. In addition, there are the smallest deposits of metal and coating particles in the waste oil. This applies, in particular, to the ATF oil in an automatic transmission whose friction plates inevitably wear out. If the contaminated transmission oil is not removed by rinsing, in the worst case the precisely matched control pistons can jam and interfere with the function of the transmission over time. The cost of repair is such a case are high because the complete transmission is to be changed.

When is a gear rinsing useful?

The gear oil rinsing should be carried out within the scope of the oil change in the DGS and automatic gearbox as well as after the gear repairs. Some car manufacturers specify the intervals in the service booklet. Even if there is no information on the oil change and the gear rinsing from the manufacturer, the gear rinsing is necessary for its longer life. It should be done regularly at larger intervals. In the case of the automatic direct-shift gearbox (DSG) as well as the automatic gearbox, the cleaning plus flushing is recommended at a kilometer distance of approx. 80,000 km to 100,000 km. Even in the case of signs of a defect, it is always advisable to change the gear oil as part of a rinse. A delayed or jerky change of gear and a shift of the shift points especially in the cold season can be indications of a defect.

Gear rinsing with the specialist in the workshop

A complete gearbox rinsing within the framework of the complete exchange of the gear oil belongs to a competent workshop. Before rinsing, the expert first places a cleaning additive in the oil circuit. In order for the additive to spread in the circuit, the car must run for a few minutes with all gear stages. Then a special flushing device is connected between the gearbox and the oil cooler. The waste oil is pumped into the flushing unit via the transmission oil pump. The automatic gearbox is followed by removing and cleaning the oil pan and changing the oil filter. Once the oil filter and the oil pan have been re-installed, the fresh oil is filled via the flushing unit. The next step is a thorough gear rinsing. In a last step, the stored values ​​of the transmission control unit are erased and the electronic system is thus adapted to the new oil.

Knowledge about gear rinsing

In the rinse procedure, more than 90 percent of the old or contaminated gear oil is removed, significantly extending the life of the automatic transmission. For the entire procedure - ie for the flushing and the oil change, approx. 10 liters ATF for the automatic transmission and about less oil for DSG are necessary. As a rule, the improvements and elimination of the symptoms are noticeable after only a few kilometers. It can also take 500 km to 1,000 km in individual cases until all symptoms are finally eliminated.

Duration and cost of gear rinsing

A professional gearbox rinsing with the DSG and automatic gearbox takes some time and has its price. In addition to the actual rinsing process some parts or panels have to be dismantled and reassembled on some vehicles. Therefore, the working time (workshop costs) should be expected to be around four hours. Should further faults or defects occur on the transmission, the time required and the costs increase correspondingly. The cost of the material is mainly about 10 liters of ATF as well as an automatic transmission oil filter. Automated DSG can be expected to be at a low cost because less oil is needed for flushing and replacing. Together with the costs for the workshop could be on the bill at the end prices from about 400, - Euro and upwards.

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