DSG Transmission

DSG transmissions consist of two independent gearboxes. Via the double clutch, the two transmissions are alternately connected to the engine by means of two drive shafts, depending on the gear ratio. The double clutch allows an automatic shifting operation without a tractive force interruption.

The gearbox is controlled by a so-called mechatronic module, in which the electronic transmission control unit, various sensors and the hydraulic actuation are combined as a compact unit

The dual clutch transmission DSG has two driving programs: the normal and the sports mode. In sporting activities, the DSG continues the gears and switches back as needed. However, the gears can also be switched manually. This is particularly sporty thanks to the Tiptronic switch on the multifunctional steering wheel. However, the coupling is always fully automatic.

The 6-speed DSG is suitable for more powerful engines and torques of more than 250 Nm. The double clutch consists of two lamellar couplings running in an oil bath.

The DSG with 7 speeds is available in two different specifications:
For smaller engines: The max. Torque is 250 Nm. Here, the double clutch runs dry without an oil bath.
For motors with high loads: The max. Torque is 600 Nm. This DSG is designed for high torques.

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