Repair overhaul

In a general overhaul, the automatic transmission is completely disassembled and subjected to thorough cleaning. Maximum cleanliness is necessary when overhauling a gearbox. All wear parts are changed, regardless of whether these parts are still functional or not. You can read the parts in the next section.

What is exchanged?

All paper seals, rubber rings, sealing lips         
All Teflon and / or steel sealing rings        
All shaft seals         
All clutch friction plates (inner lamellae)         
All coupling steel lamellas (outer lamellae)         
Flexible brake bands         
Transmission Filter         
torque converter

In case of minor damage ...

We also carry out targeted repairs in case of minor gear damage. Only the obviously defective parts are changed during the repair. The repair is done according to effort. You will get a half year warranty on the replaced parts.
Only in the case of gears which do not have a high degree of contamination, repair is possible at all. In this case, the torque converter may be re-used for reasons of price.

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