Switch slide / Mechatronics

In the automotive industry, electronics and mechanics are becoming more and more interconnected - even with automatic transmissions.

If the control computer with the switch slide housing is installed in the gearbox together, it is a matter of mechatronics. This is the case with many transmissions of the latest generation.

The gear shift housing is, in the true sense of the word, the "shifting center" of an automatic transmission. Here, the switching commands coming from the control computer are executed and the various transmission components are activated.

All common circuit breakers are serviced and tested in our company. Our test stands and test equipment work with realistic measurements, almost as with a built-in gearbox. By means of these hydraulic tests of the switching valves, valves and individual technical elements can be tested most accurately.

High precision and cleanliness is required when the switch is repaired. Even the slightest impurities or abrasions have an influence on the overall switching behavior and the performance of a transmission and, in the worst case, can also lead to the failure of the entire transmission.

These complicated systems are worked up in our company during operation and are tested for their perfect functioning and performance on special test bench test stands.

A finest measurements are possible thanks to a digital control system. This allows us to carry out the most exact calibrations of the solenoid valves and the switching slide.

For all standard gearboxes, braces, adapter plates and test programs are available.

You will receive top quality gearheads, tested on the latest test rigs and at fair prices!

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