Transfer Case & Differentials

A transfer case distributes the drive torque coming from the gearbox to 2 output shafts. Through clutches in the gearbox, the drive torque can be distributed differently on the waves. Problems at the clutch or the deflection chain, as well as the bearing of the gearbox can be expertly corrected by our trained staff.

Differentials are transmissions that reduce the speed difference between two wheels; e.g. when cornering, compensate.

Backlash in the tooth flanks or loud noises due to bearing damage are professionally repaired and the teeth are adjusted cleanly.

When singing or booming sounds from the rear of the vehicle penetrate forward often the differential of the vehicle is at fault. The singing is caused by the wheel set, while the roar comes from defective bearings in the differential.

Clear findings are not always easy
Especially for laymen, the clear finding is difficult. For not always is a singing-booming noise directly attributable to the differential. A similar background noise also produces defective wheel bearings or poor tires. The tires are quickly verifiable by a change. Whether wheel bearing or differential can be easily tested by a game with the gas and a careful load change from left to right. Wheel bearings usually respond to a load change while driving. If the noise increases or decreases, there is much evidence of defective wheel bearings. The differential, on the other hand, is sensitive to changes in push or load operation. Depending on how the wheel set in the bevel gear is loaded and unloaded when playing with the gas, the noise in the passenger compartment also changes. Defects in the differential are often caused by oil loss or wear.

ATSP differentials: partially or completely overhauled
ATSP offers its overhauled differentials in different variants. Partially overhauled differentials: After a precise check, the bearings of all partially overhauled differentials are replaced by new original parts. Likewise, the entire transmission is re-sealed. With the bearings the biggest vulnerability of most differentials is solved. Most customers opt for a partially overhauled differential. You get a high quality gearbox for a moderate price. Some customers choose a refurbished differential for uncompromising quality. In this variant we exchange not only the bearings but also the complete wheelset. It goes without saying that only original spare parts are used.

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