Audi Multitronic repair

Typical problems of AUDI Multitronic Transmissions are listed below:

Problem   Model   Transmission
Jerking when starting   A4, A6 Multitronic   01J
Gearbox without function   A4, A6 Multitronic   01J
Gearbox without function   A4, A5, A6 Multitronic   0AW
Speed ​​fluctuations in the partial load range   A4, A6 Multitronic   01J, 0AN
"Gearbox error - possible to continue"   A4, A6 Multitronic   0AW
Gear indicator flashes   A4, A6 Multitronic   01J

TIP:  With speed fluctuations in the partial load range, a pure oil change often suffices. The Multitronic has no torque converter and less abrasion than a conventional automatic transmission. For this reason, a gear rinsing is not necessary - a properly performed oil change is sufficient.


Multitronic is the name of the car manufacturer Audi for a stepless fully automatic transmission, which is based on the principle of Variomatic / CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). The Variomatic transmission was previously used only in two-wheelers and much weaker cars (eg Ford Fiesta, Fiat Punto and DAF 30).


Due to the continuously variable transmission and the use of an adaptive map control, the economic speed range with the highest torque is largely used. Thus, the Multitronic allows better acceleration compared to conventional manual transmissions, and by controlling the transmission ratio close to the optimum operating usually a lower fuel consumption. Another feature is the spread of about 6: 1, which is well above the values ​​of most CVT transmissions (about 4: 1 to 5: 1).


The oil change on the Multitronic transmission is important for a long service life. Customers, whom we have repaired a defective Multitronic (average after 130.000 km), and who have had the oil changed regularly since then, now have mileages of more than 350,000 km.


Repair Multitronic (01J), no entry in the fault memory: (Replacement of all wearing parts and seals, suction jet pump, sensor wheels, clutch packs, transmission oil filter, push link chain): 2.090 € excl. VAT. Surcharge for Multitronic 0AN: 100 € plus VAT

Valve box and electronic control unit of Multitronic are i.d.R. in order. Otherwise, they must also be exchanged (additional costs). The same applies if one of the drive shafts is defective.

Original replacement gearbox from Audi / VW we offer for 5.965 € plus VAT.

Briefly write us the symptoms of your Multitronic transmission via our contact form. We diagnose the problems and make you an offer.

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