How long does a typical transmission service take?

How often should a transmission be serviced?

Each case should be assessed on its merits, which include driving conditions, make and model and so forth. Harder working vehicles should have the transmission serviced regularly, with the average being recommended at around 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

What are the elements or processes of a transmission

Due to the variety of makes and models this can vary from one transmission to the next. However, the standard sort of process includes the removal and washing of the transmission sump, during which the filter is replaced, gaskets replaced and any required adjustments are made. The transmission unit is then filled with fresh oil, tested and inspected for leaks. Bear in mind that regular servicing and maintenance of your transmission will allow for any potential problems to be addressed before they actually become an issue.

What causes the failure in an automatic transmission

There are a number of possible reasons for automatic transmission failure. However, overheating is considered to be the primary cause, due to the engine’s cooling system failing or not being fully functional.

How long does a transmission reconditioning normally

A complete transmission reconditioning normally takes around 4 working days on average.

The automatic transmission warning light in my car continually flashes, and the car is sluggish; what does this mean?

This is due normally attributable to an electric fault or even a malfunction of the on-board computer, which controls the transmission. If and when a fault is detected the computer, otherwise referred to as the ECU, will automatically put the transmission into default - this is often third gear, but can vary with each manufacturer. A flashing light may not necessarily be indicative of an automatic transmission problem but can also indicate a problem of one of the sensors, and therefore a specialist diagnostic test should be taken to determine what the actual problem is.

Why are automatic transmissions so expensive?

This is actually a misconception, as almost two thirds of automatic transmission problems are due to electrical faults and not the automatic transmission itself. Today's automatic transmissions actually contain more than 3000 parts, all of which can vary greatly in price to get hold of, depending on the age and model of the car, as well as the manufacturer. The complex mechanical systems, especially in smaller cars, can take a great deal of time and expertise to find out the problem and resolve it.

How do I know I am getting value for money and good

Many people are understandably nervous about visiting the wrong automatic gearbox repair shop, who will charge a lot for a substandard service. We offer you peace of mind by being members of the ATSG (Automatic Transmission service Group). ATSG ensures its members uphold high standards of service, and offers technical and managerial information geared to its help its members stay at the top of the field in automatic transmission servicing.

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