Product Information

Reconditioned automatic and manual transmission

A wide variety of overhauled automatic and manual transmissions are constantly in stock. This will allow us to quickly get your vehicle up and running again.
If the automatic transmission you are inquiring about is not in stock, we can overhaul your transmission.
We grant 1 year warranty on each of our overhauled automatic or manual transmissions. By using the parts in our own gearbox repair department, all car parts are subjected to a continuous quality test. Decisive are the factors quality and longevity of the motor vehicle parts offered by us. Through our international spare parts trade with gear parts, you will quickly get common car parts for gear repair from stock.

Spare parts for automatic transmissions

Whether you want to repair your gearbox yourself, or if you need a filter and oil sump gasket for the oil change, ask. Often, parts of the automatic transmission are not available at the original dealers or only at astronomical prices. At ATSP you get:

Transmission filter
Oil pan gaskets
Clutches, clutch drums
thrust washer sets
all seals
Cable sets
solenoid valves
piston / rubber piston
wave washers
planetary gear sets
Oil pumps
Converter bells with pump
torque converter
friction plates
Steel blades
plate carrier
brake bands
printing plates
Special tools
Repair instructions
Assembly fats
Cleaning supplies

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