About ATSP

ATSP was founded in 2000 in Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia. It is an innovative company that deals with the reconstruction of automotive units with absolute specialization in electronic valves, torque converters and differential motors, as well as trade in spare parts and accessories for all gearboxes. It also offers gearbox repairs and personalized advice. ATSP is active worldwide, and Europe is the leader in automotive gearboxes for passenger cars.

It is considered to be the link between the automotive industry, automotive gearboxes, spare parts dealers, car dealerships and individuals. Its clients are gearbox technicians, wholesalers, car dealerships, garages, individuals, insurance companies, car fleet operators and vehicle manufacturers at home and abroad.

ATSP deals with all brands without exception, mainly with passenger car gearboxes, but also with truck and utility gearboxes.

In 2007, the company moved to the center of Bochum, in a privately-owned 12,000-acre factory with a 5000 sq. Storeroom equipped with state-of-the-art US technology such as SUPER FLOW / HYDRA TEST AXILINE / SNAP ON, LAUNCH, TRANSX 2000, HOT FLUSH for the diagnosis and reconstruction of the most modern gearboxes.

Today, ATSP is an active member of the ATRA-Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association and the ATSG-Automatic Transmission Service Group. It has more than 25,000 pieces of gearboxes, remanufactured and used for rebuilding. In addition, it manufactures with its own patent tools for old timer cars and gearboxes not supplied by manufacturers due to their production age (over 20 years).

ATSP has the exclusive technical support of police cars in Germany and since 2014 has been licensed to train a German KTEO-TUV. In the mechanical engineering sector, he has an official mechanical-electrical training license (MECHATRONIC) from the graduates of the respective German schools. Since 1995 he has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Germany Handwerkskammer Dortmund and Industrie Handwerkskammer.

The company ATSP is the most established in the area of ​​the reconstruction of automobile units, but it does not cease to develop and pioneer. In recent years he has been constantly investing in the equipment of the factory and staffing it with the necessary machinery. With the help of state-of-the-art machinery, it is able to respond to the demands of the time as well as consumers in terms of the quality of its services. Through knowledge, high technical equipment and international supplies of spare parts, it comes first in the reconstruction and repair of automatic gearboxes. The purpose of the company and its people is also to meet these high demands in the future.

Our People


ATSP employs 30 people, skilled staff. It has a special department of engineers for the diagnosis, analysis and reconstruction of valve bodies.

The ATSP staff and especially engineers are highly trained to continuously attend technical and administrative seminars from internationally recognized liaisons in Europe and America, such as: ATRA-Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, Automatic Transmission Service Service.

The excellent know-how of ATSP people is evidenced by the fact that each engineer specializes in a specific shredder code. All ATSP people are distinguished not only for their knowledge, experience and expertise, but also for the passion for their work, their ethos and their persistence with perfection.


ATSP works with all manufacturers - manufacturers, such as: ZF, GETRAG, JATCO, AISIN WARNER, MERCEDES, VW VAG, AUDI, with direct access to and support for leading-edge technology.

At the same time, ATSP is in constant contact with Sonnax, a pioneering company in America dealing with the research and diagnosis of valve bodies. Together, the two companies are working together on an experimental level to develop the technology of rebuilding chassis units.

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